OOTD Yellow Daisy's

29 April 2014

Jumper- Missguided
Bralet- Missguided (link)
Shorts- River Island (link)
Sandals- Topshop (link)
Sunglasses- Jeepers Peepers* (link)
Bracelets- Primark

Is everybody enjoying the wether lately? I no i am, its so nice to be able to bring out more summery clothes and not have to wear tights and coats etc. I bought these shorts a month or so ago and its feels like i have been waiting forever for a chance to wear them! How cute are they, i love daisy print so pretty, and the perfect print for Spring and Summer. I think i've seen a matching top to these shorts unfortunately my local River Island didn't have it otherwise i probably would have picked that up to as i've got a bit of a thing for co-ords at the moment. Instead i wore it with this simple bralet from Missguided which i'm also loving such a great buy for under ten pounds i want it in every colour. 
The jumper is just my favorite thing to throw on over an outfit at the moment as although the suns been out its still a bit chilly some days, i love the look of a cropped jumper with a high waist like these shorts. 
Accessory wise i kept things pretty simple for me a few simple bracelets and a pair of sunnies, these are the Winston sunglasses from Jeepers Peepers, i love the classic laid back style you can find them stocked at Asos, Topshop, Urban Outfitters or on their website. The sandals are my new favorite pair from Topshop, i've got a massive thing for white footwear right now, its just such a summery colour that goes so well with pastels, i no these are going to get a lot of wear. 

My Top Spring Lipsticks

27 April 2014

Whimsical/Costa Chic/Rose Tendre/Tease/Rendez-Vous

Hello lovelies, i've got another Spring top picks post for you today and this time its lipsticks.
As with nails i  wear a lot of dark vampy colours on my lips through winter, so when Spring comes around i feel the need to change it up and i feel like wearing lighter and brighter colours like pretty spring pinks, peaches and coral shades.
I've picked my favorite five lipsticks that i have already been wearing a lot so far this Spring and will be continuing to do so...

Topshop Whimsical-
Whimsical is a really pretty and fresh peach colour, its a matt formula yet is not drying on the lips. It has great pigmentation yet is still quite a subtle colour just lovely.

Mac Costa Chic-
This is one of my newer lipstick purchases, i've only had it for a couple months. From the instant i tried it i new it would be a Spring favorite, its a vivid coral shade with a frost finish that just adds the prettiest touch, i will be rocking this right through till Summer.

L'oreal Color Riche Rose Tendre-
This lipstick is from the Color Riche Natural Blondes its meant to be the perfect natural nude shade for blondes. Its a very pale frosted pink colour so pretty and gives a nice sheen, the formula is also lovely very moisturizing.

Topshop Tease-
Tease is again a matt formula, it's a very blue toned Barbie pink, it's a very bold shade but i love it. A perfect pop of colour for the lips.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Rendez-Vous-
Ahh a little bit of luxury, this was the first Chanel lipstick i've tried but it was love straight away. Such lovely formulation rich colour, great pigmentation, glossy finish, lasts well the list colour go on!
The colour is a beautiful vivid pink not too pale not too bright just the perfect everyday Spring pink.

So that was my top Spring lipsticks, Which is your favorite? 

NOWSEEN.com My Top 5 Picks

23 April 2014

Nowseen Top 5 Picks
NOWSEEN.com is an online jewelry site featuring the most beautiful jewelry made with precious metals and real gemstones. Their jewelry is unique, simple designs that let the stunning gems do the talking, and the best thing is the jewelry is amazingly priced for the quality, with some of the sterling silver rings starting from as little as £8.
I've compiled my top 5 picks to share with you my favorite pieces from their collection.

1- Lunar Necklace Blue Topaz Gold Plated Sterling Silver £27 (Link)
I love this pretty necklace, you are guaranteed to get compliments with this beautiful and delicate gem around your neck. The circle of Blue Topaz is set in a gold ring with a black chain which gives an interesting twist. 

2- Maxi Tear Ring, Blue Topaz Sterling Silver £14 (Link)
This ring is just so pretty even though its not a tiny stone the tear drop shape is so delicate looking and unique it really is a stand out piece of jewelry, and i love Blue Topaz it's so clear pure looking. 

3- Willow Bangle, Rose Quartz Sterling Silver £36 (Link)
The most expensive of my top picks but a very gorgeous piece of jewelry that would definitely be worth spending a bit more on. A simple style that will never go out of fashion with a beautiful pale pink Rose Quarts stone 

4- Stone Stack, Multi-Gemstone Sterling Silver £31 (Link)
How amazing is this set of rings?! These are my favorite without a doubt, the rings contain gorgeous stones of Citrine, Amethyst, Peridot, Garnet and Blue Topaz that look amazing together, and the great thing about stacking rings is you can wear them all as a set or separate and mix them up with other rings.

5-Lunar Bracelet Amethyst Gold Plated Sterling Silver £26 (Link)
The Lunar Bracelet would be the perfect accompaniment for the Lunar Necklace worn as a set, you wouldn't even need to have matching stones i think this gorgeous amethyst stone would perfectly compliment the Blue Topaz. 
The Lunar bracelet also comes in a mixture of different gems and metals that would look great worn together. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my top 5 picks check out NOWSEEN.com to see more, which is your favorite?

Sleek Corrector & Concealer Palette

21 April 2014

I had really wanted to try a corrector and concealer palette for a while now, my under eye area does tend to look quite purple and, its not a massive problem i usually just cover it with a brightening concealer, but i was interested to see what difference a corrector would actually make.
I have been massively impressed with all the other Sleek products i've tried in the past so i thought id give their Corrector & Concealer palette a whirl.
The palette contains a corrector shade to lift and brighten the dark circles, a concealer to cover and restore the correct skin tone, and a powder to set, protect and finish.
The palette is small and a perfect size for a makeup bag or handbag, with a decent amount of product for its amazingly cheap price of £7.99!
The palette come in five shades 1 being the lightest 5 the darkest, i picked up the shade 02. The corrector is a very light milky pink colour, and the concealer is actually quite dark. It is a good match for my foundation, but i usually like to go lighter under my eyes so its not as light as i would of liked, i think i should have gone for 01. The powder is light and very yellow toned so it does seem to slightly tone down the concealer.
The corrector and concealer have a lovely smooth easily blendable consistency that feels very light under the eyes, i do find them both slightly greasy feeling so i definitely wouldn't wear them without setting with the powder after.
I am actually really impressed with the corrector it is incredibly brightening and does a great job of getting rid of dark circles, it is too light for me to use it on its own but with the concealer on top my under eyes really do look a lot better.
Im not as impressed with the powder, the colour is good at brightening but although it is a smooth and light powder i find it seems to settle into creases too much.
As much as i am impressed with the brightening affect this had on my dark circles there is one massive downside for me, the longevity. I find this creases under my eyes very quickly and I'm quite surprised by this as i had read good reviews about it lasting well. The corrector and concealer are both very rich and creamy so perhaps they just are not very well suited to oily skin like mine?
Overall i have found this palette a bit hit and miss, i don't think its a bad product but not amazing either its just a shame that it doesn't last well on me. I really love the corrector and will continue to use it, just with a different concealer on top i think so i don't get the under eye creasing.

Has anyone else tried the Sleek Corrector & Concealer Palette? What did you think?

Easter Bunny Nail Tutorial

19 April 2014

Hello lovelies, i've got a cute Easter Nail tutorial for you today. I thought as i had done fun theamed nail tutorials for Halloween and Christmas i had to do an Easter tutorial and what is more fitting than cute little Easter bunnies? 
I apologize for the lack of pictures, i was having camera issues, luckily i managed to get a few of me doing the rabbit on my phone and although their not the best quality they show the steps. 

What you need-
For the Bunny, white, black and pink polish (I used BarryM Matt White, Pale Pink and Rimmel Black Out)
For the Polka Dots, white  and colored polishes of choice,  i went for pastel shades (I used, BarryM Berry, Blueberry, Peach Melba, Gosh Bubble Gum and Topshop Gone Fishing)
Nail Dotter, 
Topcoat (I used a Matt Topcoat from Essie)

For the Bunny-

Step One 
Paint two coats of your background colour and allow to dry.
Step Two-
Taking your white polish paint on a half moon shape at the tip of the nail, allow to dry and then go over with another layer.
Step Three-
Taking the brush of your white polish brush off the excess polish and carefully paint on two lines for the ears almost in a V shape, allow to dry.
Step Four-
Taking the smaller end of the nail dotter dip it into some pink polish and draw two pink lines inside the ears.
Step Five-
Taking the larger side of the nail dotter dip it into the pink polish and dot on the nose, clean the nail dotter then do the same with some black polish and dot on the eyes.
Step Six-
When the nail is completely dry apply the topcoat to seal.

For the Polka Dots-

Step One-
Apply two coats of your chosen colour polish to the nail allowing to dry between coats.
Step Two-
Take the large end of the nail dotter dip it into some white polish and dot on to the nails, i find the best results if you do the dots in lines (Sorry their are no pictures of the polka dot stages the main picture should help to show how i do it)
Step Three-
Allow the nails to dry completely then apply a topcoat.

I hope you liked my Easer tutorial, and found it clear enough, even with the lack of pictures. I hope you all have a great Easter weekend. 

OOTD Coral Cutouts

16 April 2014

Top- River Island
Jeans- Topshop
Boots- Boohoo
Bag- River Island 
Necklace- Primark

Yes...i know, its the gingham Joni jeans AGAIN! But can you blame me? They are the perfect Spring bottoms, i have worn them to death lately, but they just look so good with all the pretty pastels i've been filling my wardrobe with. For example this pretty cutout top i bought from River Island recently. I love the colour of it, not a bright coral, but a lovely pastel coral/orange. The cutout flower detailing is so prefect for Spring and Summer, and i love the contrast of colours when i wear it with my gorgeous blue satchel bag. 

Spring Clothing Haul

14 April 2014

I've done a fair bit of shopping lately, adding a few new bits to my wardrobe for spring. I am loving the new seasons fashion trends particularly pastel pieces and i just thought i would do a post to show you the clothes i've picked up lately. 

Missguided Berte Cropped Jumper in Yellow and Lilac
I first bought this jumper in the lilac and was so impressed with it i promptly snapped up the yellow one too, in fact i've had to restrain myself from getting it in every colour! Its just a great jumper for spring, the gorgeous pastel colours are so pretty and i love the cropped style its a very flattering fit that looks great with so many things. I wear mine with high waisted Joni jeans and high waisted skirts there also great for layering over other tops if you don't want to show your stomach.

Missguided Emmelie Crepe Bralet in Mint
I had seen a few bloggers wearing these Missguided bralets and i just thought they looked so nice, i wasn't sure i was brave enough to pull one off myself but i thought i would order one and try it on. I was pleasantly surprised with how flattering i found it on myself, i don't like to show a lot of midriff but its not actually as skimpy as it looks and covers a fair amount. I also wasn't sure how comfortable i would be not wearing a bra but the material is quite supportive and i feel really comfortable in it, definitely a great piece to have in your spring wardrobe as it can be mixed up and worn with so much.

H&M Quilted Skater Skirt in Pink
I picked up a mint skater skirt from H&M last summer that i have now worn to death, their just such great versatile wardrobe pieces at such a good price. I spotted this skirt and fell in love with the pretty pastel pink colour and the interesting quilted style i know this skirt will also be getting a lot of wear.

River Island Cut Out Shell Top in Coral
I didn't think a lot of this top when picked it up in the shop, i just grabbed a few tops to try on as i wanted a few casual day tops for spring, it was when i tried it on i fell in love with it. Its such a simple style with pretty cut out detailing and a button up back, i love the coral colour and i think it will look great with a summer tan.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the clothing i've bought lately, what new clothes have you added to your Spring wardrobe?

Half Moon Nail Tutorial

10 April 2014

Todays nail tutorial is incredibly simple to do and i think quite effective, you don't need a steady hand its simply a case of using regular nail polish and painting it on the nails. The great thing about the half moon manicure is that its so versatile you can use whatever colour combinations you want, i've gone for a silver foil effect polish as the base (mine is from BarryM) and on top i've gone for a bright orange (BarryM Jelly Nail Paint in Mango) as the top color, i think the combination of a matt foil and a hi-shine polish just makes it a bit more interesting. 

What you need-
x2 Nail polish,
Circle Stationary stickers/ French Manicure tip stickers, 
Top Coat.

The top colour should ideally be a darker colour than the base, that way it will cover the base colour evenly without it showing through.

Step One-
Paint two coats of your base polish and allow to dry.
Step Two-
Apply the circle stickers to the base of the nail, pressing down firmly. I've made my half moon shape quite large, if you want it smaller position it further down the nail without leaving any of the base of the nail visible.
Step Three-
Paint two coats of your chosen top colour on to the nails above the sticker, allow to dry between coats.
Step Four-
One the nails are completely dry carefully peel away the stickers.
Step Five-
Apply a top coat to seal.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream and Concealer Review

08 April 2014

I've tried a fair few BB creams now, and to be honest i've never been too impressed. I found the coverage was not enough for me, they didn't last very well on my oily skin and their colours have never been a very good match. So when the new CC (Colour correcting) creams started to come out i wasn't in any rush to try them, i just thought they were going to being the same disappointment. 
When Bourjois brought out their new CC Cream, it was featured on so many blogs with such good reviews and claims about decent coverage i thought i woild give it a try for myself and give the whole BB/CC cream phenomenon one last shot before before writing it off completely, and boy am i glad i did! 

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream-
The Bourjois CC Cream claims to contain three colour correcting pigments to combat certain skin problems, Apricot/Anti-Fatigue, Green/Anti-Redness and White/Anti-Dark Spot. It also claims to smooth and illuminate the skin whilst providing 24hour hydration. 
I picked up the shade Light Beige, which is a very good match for me. Unlike other creams i've tried its not orange at all, its actually yellow toned which is perfect for my skin tone and looks very natural on my skin. 
Along with the great colour match i am also really impressed with how brightening this is on the skin, those colour correcting pigments must really work their magic, it leaves my skin illuminated and fresh looking. 
The formula is great its light and refreshing on the skin, and i think it feels and smells more like a moisturizer yet it has the coverage of a light/medium foundation, which is exactly what i wanted. 
As for lasting on my skin, it doesn't last as long as foundation, but definitely longer than any other beauty cream i've tried. I would say after about three hours i'll need to blot and apply a bit of powder which i don't think is too bad at all. 

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream-
Bourjois also brought out a CC eye cream, which also claims to colour correct and illuminate the under eye area and also provide 24hour hydration. 
The CC Concealer comes in a twist bottom tube, it doesn't have a brush applicator like most under eye concealers but a rubber nib which i actually don't min as i prefer to use my own makeup brushes for under eye concealing anyway. 
I picked up the shade Ivory as i always go a bit lighter under my eyes to highlight the area. The colour is great, it's very apricot toned perfect for brightening under the eyes and eliminating dark circles. 
It really does a great job of brightening the under eye area i would say one of the best i've used. Its also a nice light formula, i also have no problem with under eye creasing when using this concealer. 

I am massively impressed with the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream and Concealer they do such a good job at making my skin look fresh and illuminated yet providing great coverage. I am happy to have found something that covers all my skin requirements allowing me to give my skin a break from always wearing foundation. Well done again Bourjois!

Have you tried the 123 Perfect CC Cream and Concealer? What did you think?

March Favourites

04 April 2014

Hello lovelies, i cant believe its time for another favorites post already! The last month has just flown by, i feel like i've just been so busy lately, i apologize for blogging less and more randomly than usual and will hopefully get back into a routine soon enough.
The majority of my March favorites are new products that i've purchased in the last few months and am really loving and one is an old favorite.

Sleek i-Divine Original Palette-
I reviewed this palette back in February (Review) and since then i have used it so much. The colours are just so pretty and perfect for spring i actually used a few of the colours in my Spring makeup tutorial (Here) and these are still so many i want to use for different looks. At £7.99 the Sleek eyeshadow palettes are one of the biggest bargains around and i will be picking up more for my collection.

Benefit Gimmie Brow Light/Medium (Full Review) -
I've used this little wonder everyday since i bought it and i cant see that changing anytime soon. It is just great for girls who are pretty low maintenance with there brows like me, just slick it through and your good to go, love it.

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Orange Punch-
I used to use this along with the coral from the collection Peach on the Beach non stop last summer i also took them away on holiday as their perfect for a pool perfect pop of colour, and then i think over winter i brought out the dark vampy reds and forgot about it, until now that is! Orange Punch is just a great flattering colour and there so glossy and moisturizing. Orange lips are so on trend and this could be a great alternative if your wanted to try the trend but aren't brave enough for a full on orange lipstick.

BarryM Aquarium Collection Polishes-
I reviewed these polishes a few weeks back (Review) and i am still completely in love with them. I get so many compliments on my nails when wearing them, their just such interesting beautiful colours, the glitter top coats from the collection are also great.

Mac Hue Lipstick-
I wrote a post about this lipstick a few months back in-titled my perfect nude, and it very much still is!
I wear this lipstick all the time i'm obsessed with the colour, its a great everyday nude, and my go to lipstick for a night out if i'm going for a bold eye look. I love how moisturizing it is with such a nice finish i definitely want a few more Mac glaze lipsticks in my collection.

So thats what i've been loving lately, i no it was a very makeup orientated but i haven't really changed up my skin-care routine in a while so their are new favorites in that area. 
What have you been loving lately?

If anyone is interested in buying anything from Crown Brush i have a discount code to get you 10% off just shop using the following link (Here) and enter the code FINGC2014.  Happy shopping lovelies! 

MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquer

02 April 2014

I spotted the new MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers in Superdrug and was instantly drawn to them. The range consists of five vibrant Lip Lacquers two pinks, a purple, a red and an orange, the matt Velvet finish and bright shades suggests they were intended as a dupe for Limecrimes Velvatines which i haven't yet tried so unfortunately i cant compare too. I picked up the shades Atomic a bright neon orange and Criminal a bright neon pink, i thought they were both perfect on trend lip colours for Spring Summer.  

"Get the ultimate velvet-matte pout with this richly pigmented, silky smooth lip lacquer. The quick-dry formula glides on effortlessly to leave a gorgeous matte finish, that is smudge-proof and long lasting" 
Thats the claim, heres what i thought...

The Lip Lacquers come packaged in a sleek looking black box with gold font. The lacquer itself in a frosted plastic tube with a black lid again with gold font. I think it looks simple but stylish and definitely more expensive than their £3 price tag.

When i bought these i had no idea what to expect i hoped that the colour came out as bold and vibrant as it looked and i am happy to report i was not disappointed. The Velvet Lip Lacquers are incredibly pigmented no wishy washy colour here. Both shades come out very bold and neon like on the lips, once dry they do darken slightly, but still remain impressibly bright.

I find the formula very strange indeed,  its quite thick but applied well to the lips and for such a bright shade i found it quiet easy, usually i make a huge mess with bold lip products. As for quick-drying i have to disagree here it seems to take forever to dry and i applied it thinly just enough to give even coverage on the lips. Whilst drying it's also incredibly sticky and at this stage will smudge and transfer easily. Once dry it feels cemented to the lips, when taking the above pictures i had to really scrub at my lips with makeup remover to get the first colour off just it wasn't budging.

Now the real test was on saturday, i wore Atomic the neon orange on my night out i was interested to see how well it would last the night with a lot of drinking involved! After the struggle i had to remove it when testing i had high hopes however i was left feeling disappointed. It started to come away when drinking quite quickly in the center of the lips leaving me with a dodgy orange rim, attractive... I had to re-apply on every trip to the ladies and by the end of the night the outside of my lips were so dry i could just crumble buts off, not the long lasting wonder i had hoped for.

My thoughts-
I am left with mixed feeling for these Lip Lacquers, i am so in love with the amazing neon colours there such gorgeous stand out shades. I also really like the matte finish yes i wish they didn't take so long to dry but when they do i think they look great. I am disappointed with the wear i don't really want to be worrying about having dodgy partially crumbling lips on a night, i no at £3 you cant be expecting miracles maybe these are best suited for a just few hours wear or if you don't mind all the re-applying.

Has anyone else tried the MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquers? What did you think?

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