Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser

30 July 2014

Now i know i don't feature Skincare reviews a lot on the blog and thats mainly because I'm pretty loyal when it come to my Skincare, when i've found something i like that works for my skin i tend to stick with it and re-purchase. I mean its nice to try new things but sometimes that can be risky business when a lot of Skincare can be quite pricey and could possibly break you out etc. However saying this i recently ran out of my cleanser, i had been using the Estee Lauder Sparkling Clean Foaming face wash which although quite pricey, believe me did i get my moneys worth it lasted forever and although i don't have anything bad to say about it i felt it was time i tried something new.
Before buying the Origins Zero Oil Cleanser i had never tried anything from Origins, i had heard a lot of good things about the brand and the Zero Oil is one of their best sellers so i thought i would give it a try.
The Deep Pore Cleanser is a foaming gel cleanser formulated with skin clearing Saw Palmetto, cooling Mint and pore-minimizing Salicylic Acid helps clear pores, eliminate excess oil and reduce shine, leaving skin tingly and refreshed. When i look for a Cleanser i want something that will give my skin a thorough clean yet not be so harsh that it will dry it out, as although i have oily skin it can also be quite sensitive and when a Cleanser is too harsh it dries my skin out which then makes it produce more oil and obviously more oily skin is not what I'm after.
The first time i pored a bit of the Cleanser out into my hand ready to use it i was a bit worried by the strong scent, the smell of the Mint is very overpowering and although i do like the scent i was worried it might be too strong for my skin, however i needn't of worried as it is actually a really gentle cleanser i haven't noticed any sensitivity from using it even though it contains Salicylic Acid it doesn't dry my skin out at all, it gives a great clean leaving my skin feeling fresh and clean after. The thing i love most about using the Deep Pore Cleanser is how well it foams up on the skin, it feels really tingly on the skin and i find it so refreshing, that combined with the cooling Mint is just the best thing for waking up tired skin in the mornings.
I cant claim that it has massively cleared my skin up as my skin has actually been behaving itself pretty well for the last few months anyway, however it hasn't caused any breakouts and it's defiantly doing something right as my skin does seem to be less oily lately.

Overall I'm really happy with the Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser I'm enjoying using it and at £18.50 its cheaper than the Estee Lauder cleanser i was using previously, its also made me want to try a few other bits from Origins so if you have any recommendations of what i should try next let me no in the comments, or if you've tried the Deep Pore Cleanser let me no what you think?

Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder

27 July 2014

Having oily skin setting my foundation properly is really important, i've tried a fair few face powders in my time and always carry one around in my bag for touch ups but lately i've been looking into setting my makeup better to start off with to keep my foundation lasting longer before i have to touch up. Setting powders are a bit different to the normal face powders you use them after applying your makeup and are designed to makeup last longer and also are usually designed to give a nice finish to the skin. 
Vichy is a brand that is relatively new to me, i've only tried one other product and thats their Dermablend foundation, i have reviewed it in the past and if you read it you would know it got a massive thumbs up from me its a high coverage foundation that believe me does covers everything, yet still feels light and not at all cakey. Having loved the foundation so much i was excited tot try the Setting powder for myself as i've also heard such good things about it.  
The Dermablend Setting powder claims to provide 16 hour hold and resistance to resistance to perspiration bathing and rubbing, its also Paraben free and hypo-allergenic. 
The powder comes in a round powder pot with a small powder puff included inside for application, i am no too keen on this sort of application i prefer to use my own brush for application of the powder, so to apply i shake a bit up through the holes and into the lid to dip my brush in but thats just my personally preference as i find it helps me really get a more even finish with the powder. This sort of application can be a bit messy which is obviously a bit of a downside with the loose powders compared to compacts, but it doesn't really bother my if I'm doing it at home after applying my makeup. 
The powder itself is incredibly fine and light, you do get a fair bit of product for your money too, there 28g of product and considering you really don't need a lot i can see it lasting for a long time, this is great as when i reviewed the Benefit Agent Zero Shine setting powder the small amount of product was a bit of a downside for me. 
Although for a Translucent powder it does look scarily white, don't let this put you off once blended into the skin it does disappear into nothing, you wont be left with a white ghost face even if you use a fair amount of it on the skin. 
I really love how my skin looks after applying this, it covers the pores and leaves my skin looking airbrushed and flawless and really is the perfect finish to my makeup. 
Now on to the important thing does it make it last? Vichy Dermablend claims to hold you foundation for 16hrs, and unfortunately this just didn't happen for me. I really wanted this to be the miracle powder that would set my makeup all day but i just didn't make my makeup last any longer than any of my other powders, after about four hours i would say the shine starts to show and i need to touch up with my compact. Of course if you don't have oily skin then you wouldn't have this problem, and so for the lightweight lovely finish it gives the skin i would recommend it, i just really wanted it to last longer! 

Vichy Dermablend Setting powder costs £15 and is available from Boots. 
Have you tried this Setting Powder? What did you think?

Sleek Bronze Block in Light

23 July 2014

Yes, I'm back with ANOTHER Sleek product to review, as you may be able to tell if you follow my blog i am a big fan of Sleek and whenever i go to a Superdrug that actually stocks it i always pick up a few new bits to try. So along with the Lipstick i reviewed last week i picked up a couple of other bits one of those being the Sleek Bronze Block.
I had seen this on the website in their new Summer releases, it wasnt somthing i wanted desperately to try as I'm always a bit unsure about these multi bronze/blush products, however when i had a look at it in person i loved the colours and felt i had to test it out.
The idea of the Bronze Block is it features four shades, three bronze and one blush that you can use individually or blend them to use altogether.
I bought the Bronze Block in the light shade, which although i do have a slight tan was definitely the right choice as you can see from the swatch picture above the darkest of the four shades is very dark and the lightest barely visible against my skin. However once the four shades are blended together its the perfect mixture and is not too dark or light. It really does give a lovely bronzed flush to the cheeks with a very subtle shimmer, its a great way to give a bit of healthy colour to Summer skin.
It is a great multitasking product as you could use the darkest shade individually to contour, the second darkest to bronze and obviously the pink as a blush.
I really do love the blush colour, its a very pretty pink that i like so much i would buy individually ( I believe the dark Bronze Block has a more coral blush shade ).
One thing that is a bit of a downside for me is the size of the product, i think its a bit small for a multi purpose product, i mean its fine if you want to blend all the colours together with a big brush but i personally find the individual squares a bit small for my brushes if i want to use them separately, also i find the lightest shade a bit pointless i expect it shows up more on paler skin-tones but it really doesn't even show up on me. That being said i do like the Bronze Block and the idea of it and i like how it looks altogether on my skin and at £7.49 its also very reasonably priced!

Have you tries the Sleek Bronze Block? What did you think?

Benefit Watts Up Highlighter Review

21 July 2014

In the Summer i find i tend to go for more cream based makeup products, i just find them best for giving that soft glowy Summery skin look, so i have been loving cream blushes and cream shadow products lately but what i was after was a new cream highlighter. Although i do own Benefits HighBeam which is another great one for glowy Summer skin its a pale pearly highlighter and what i was after was basically something like my favorite highlighter Macs Soft and Gentle but in a cream formula. Benefits Watts up is exactly that, its the most beautiful soft champagne colour exactly what i wanted.
One thing i absolutely love about Benefit products in their quirky packaging and attention to detail, and Watts Up is no exception. The highlighter comes packaged in the form of a light bulb its just so cleaver and fun, the highlighter itself is even in the shape of a light-bulb, you remove the larger end to reveal the product which you twist up to use, the smaller end has a handy sponge tip for blending the product out.
So onto the actual highlighter, i apply Watts Up straight onto the skin, basically i draw a line down each cheekbone and then blend it into the skin, of corse its also great for other places, under the brow bone, cupids bow, and a bit down the nose which i apply by putting a bit on my finger as it is a heavy application directly onto the skin. Its applies smoothly to the skin and does defiantly need blending out, i actually don't like using the sponge tip, i personally find it a bit small and hard for blending out and i just feel its taking of my makeup underneath, so for me i find it best to just blend out with my fingers.
Watts Up blends out amazingly and leaves you with a soft highlighted sheen that looks so pretty, especially when it catches the light it just illuminates the skin and looks glowing and healthy.
The great thing about cream products is that they are great for layering up, although Watts Up is absolutely enough on its own if you are a big fan of super highlighted cheekbones like i am you can use a powder highlighter on top, like i said previously its the same gorgeous champagne colour as Macs Soft and Gentle so i like to put a bit of that on top as well for the ultimate Summery glow!
I am absolutely loving using Watts Up, its definitely my new go to Summer highlighter and i no its not going to be leaving my makeup bag anytime soon, get your from your nearest Benefit counter for £24.50.

Has anybody else tried Watts Up? What did you think? 

Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Exxxagerate

17 July 2014

I had been on the look out for a purple lipstick for a while, i love a bold lip and i think it probably the only colour i dont own. I found it hard to find one that was the right shade of purple most seem to be more plum colored and i didn't want one that had a red tone to it. I spotted Exxxaggerate when i was browsing the Sleek counter and snapped it up instantly as its just the purple i was looking for.
I was surprised by how small it is it really is a diddy little thing, i don't mind that you get a little less product than most other lipsticks as it is a great price at £4.99 and lipsticks seem to last forever anyway and its not exactly a colour I'm going to wear everyday.
The colour is gorgeous, its a blue toned dark purple and i just love it, its so dramatic and bold, a really stand out shade.
Its a matt formula but i don't find it drying at all, and although matt it actually has very fine shimmers in it, don't let that put you off if your not a fan of shimmer in your lipstick as its not very noticeable unless you look very closely. I really like the formula it lasts well even when eating and drinking which is great.
This is the first Sleek lipstick i've tried but I'm really impressed, sleek never seem to disappoint their definitely my favorite highstreet brand.

Have you tried a Sleek lipstcik? What did you think?

NV Colour Review and Makeup look

15 July 2014

A few weeks ago i was kindly sent some makeup from NV Colour to try out, they sent me a couple of their Chunky Crayons in a gorgeous rich aqua blue and deep purple shade, and a pretty lilac Glitter Pot.
I love the colours they sent they compliment each other so well and i instantly envisioned a summery aquatic sort of eye look.
To get the eye look i used the Chunky Crayon in Mermaid* over the entire lid and lower lashline and blended it out with my fingers to get an even base. I then used the Chunky Crayon in Purple Heart* in the outer corner of my eyes and lower outer corner and gently blended it out. I then used the Glitter Pot in Lilac* and using the brush provided i patted the glitter into the center of each eye. To finish i applied mascara and liner.
I think the finished look is so striking, i think its really mermaid like and pretty. The crayons made a great base for the glitter to stick to so once on it wasn't going anyway. I was also impressed with the pigmentation of the crayons they go on dark and can be blended out if you wish or built up to your desired colour and are just so simple to use. The crayons blended really well,  however the only downside for me is i personally found them to be quite greasy and unfortunately they did crease pretty quickly, I didn't use an eye primer beforehand so perhaps that would solve the problem. I think the Glitter Pot was such a beautiful colour, the packaging is great and i love the brush that fits inside the lid.

I really love the finished result, what do you think? Have you tried NV Colour?

Holiday Lookbook, Look 6

12 July 2014

Crop Top- Topshop
Shorts- EBay ikandiboutique
Sandals- River Island
Necklace Primark

So this is the last post in my Holiday Lookbook series, the pictures were actually taken by the hotel photographer, we asked him to take a few pictures of us all together on our last night and it ended up being a full on photo shoot, but we ended up with some lovely pictures and it was a laugh. 
I really do love this outfit it's bold and Summery, I had seen so many of these pom pom style tropical shorts but a lot of them seemed quiet pricey so when i spotted these beauties from a boutique on EBay  for about £20 i snapped them up. I love the bright mixture of colours with the pretty floral print, i wore them with a simple white Topshop crop top and a pretty Primark Necklace to brighten up the top half. The reason I'm holding the necklace down in the above picture is because i had just been smacked in the mouth by it on our first attempt at a jumping shot, believe me the picture is hilarious....

I hope you have enjoyed my Holiday Lookbook series, which outfit was your favorite?

Holiday Lookbook, Look 5

11 July 2014

Crop Top- Topshop
Skirt- Missguided
Sandals- New Look
Necklace- Primark

Back for the fifth installment of my Holiday Lookbook series with this tropical outfit. Both the crop top and the skirt were new buys for holiday, i spotted the crop top with its tropical print and thought it would be perfect easy to chuck on in the day with a simple pair of denim shorts and then dressed up for the evening like i have here with this plain white scuba skirt from Missguided. I bought the skirt as i had in mind that i would match it with loads unfortunately i brought so many clothes i only needed to wear it once, however i no i will still get a lot of wear out of it over the Summer. I was really feeling the holiday vibe that night and accesorised with a big chunky tribal looking necklace and a pretty alice band braid which was the work of one of my friends as i am useless with those sorts of things! I hope you liked outfit five stay tuned for the last installment tomorrow. 

Holiday Lookbook, Look 4

10 July 2014

Bralet- Topshop
Skirt- H&M
Sandals- River Island

This is probably my favorite outfit from my holiday, i had seen this bralet grace the blogs and Instagrams of so many of my favourite fashion bloggers, and when i tried it on myself in Topshop i could see why. I completely fell in love with it myself and had to own it, it just feels amazing on, i love the fit the print everything basically. I was worried about it being a bit "booby" if you know what i mean so i decided best to pair it with something that covers my legs up. I picked this grey midi tube skirt to go with it, i love the combination of bralets and midi skirts i just think they go so well together and its great if you don't want to flash too much flesh. I also think pastels and grey go really nicely together. How pretty is my necklace? I had picked it up that day at a Turkish market and i just thought it went so well with the outfit, what do you think? 

Holiday Lookbook, Look 3

09 July 2014

Bralet- Missguided
Shorts- Missguided
Sandals- New Look
Necklace- Primark

For the third night i wore this summery outfit from Missguided. The shorts were a new buy for holiday, i had been looking for some white shorts that would go with everything and fell in love with this cute lace pair. The lace and scalloped bottoms are so pretty i think they are the perfect shorts for holidays and festivals. I paired them with this mint bralet also from Missguided, i love white and mint together its one of my favorite Summer colour combos. To go with the girly outfit i wore this flower necklace from Primark and my nude New Look sandals. 

What do you think of outfit three?

Holiday Lookbook, Look 2

08 July 2014

Top- Topshop
Skirt- H&M
Sandals- River Island
Jewelry- Primark

So this is my outfit for my second night on holiday, i had sort of pre-planned some of my holiday outfits but most of the clothes i took with me were separates various skirts, shorts and crop tops so i thought i would have a lot more options about what i decided to wear. I hadn't planned this outfit i jut decided i wanted to wear the skirt and just found a top i thought went with it. The skirt is from H&M and its high waisted style is great to go with crop tops, i also love the quilted texture. The top is an old one from Topshop, it was definitely a good buy as i got it a few years ago now and i've worn it so loads it goes with so much. Again i just put on a pair of flat sandals, i don't bother with heels on holiday, these are from River Island and are also seasons old but i still love them they have lasted me well. 

I hope you liked my second outfit, stay tunned for outfit three.

Holiday Lookbook// Look 1

07 July 2014

Playsuit- Primark
Sandals- New Look
Jewelry- Primark

If you have seen my previous holiday related posts you may no i've just got back from a girls holiday to Turkey. As promised i took pictures of my outfit each night so i could do a holiday lookbook to show you all my holiday outfits. Instead of doing them altogether like my last holiday lookbook back in October i've decided to do it as a series over the whole week so there will be a new outfit post each day. 
The first nights outfit was this Tribal print playsuit from Primark which you may have already seen in my recent Primark holiday haul post. It was a bargain at £10 i think it looks so much more expensive. It was super comfy to wear and so easy to style, the pretty embellished neckline also meant i didn't need a necklace to accessorize. 

I hope you like the idea of a holiday lookbook series, what do you think of my first outfit?
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