OOTD Rose Print Swing Dress

26 November 2014

Dress- Missguided
Jacket- Topshop (Similar here)
Boots- Topshop 
Bag- Primark

I've had this dress for a few months now and realised i still hadn't shown it you guys on the blog, its such a simple throw on style, easy to wear but the bold rose print really makes a statement. I really love loose dresses like this so great for when I'm having a fat day or like what i wore this for the other day going out to dinner and hiding my food baby! I love the pink its so bright but i think the black in the dress tones it down and i've worn a simple black biker jacket and black accessories so there's not too much going on.
For anyone interested the dress and the boots are both currently in the sale right now (links above) not that I'm tempting you to shop or anything...

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette

24 November 2014

I am a big fan of Urban Decays eyeshadow's, i have both the Naked 2 and 3 palette and love them both. I've never been massively fussed about the previous Vice palettes, however as soon as i saw pictures of this Vice 3 i knew i had to have it, i think it was the gorgeous berry shades that drew me in, it was released online on my payday and i bought it instantly, it was like it was meant to be! Yes the Urban Decay palettes aren't the cheapest on the market, the Vice 3 was £42 which did pain me slightly but if you think it will coat you £38 for a Charlotte Tilbury quad it doesn't seem quite so bad. For your money you are getting twenty delicious new and never seen before shades, inside some of the most amazing and well thought out packaging.
The palette comes in the box inside its very own bag which i thought was a great touch, its a great size to use as a makeup bag or as suggested on the box to keep your makeup brushes in. On to the palette itself, for the Vice 3 Urban Decay have streamlined the palette for a much sleeker size, however it still has a very handy massive mirror inside and a double ended brush which is great. I love the bright fun colours and the lime green jewel like Vice in the lid i think it just sets it aside from any other palette on the market.
On to the shadows which are set in rows of five, neutrals on the left, jewel tones in the center and smokey shades on the right. You get a nice mixture of matte, shimmer and metallic shadows in some of the most beautiful shades, some of my favorites are the metallic which i think are the best quality and pigmentation particularly Lucky a warm bronze and Sonic the most amazing cranberry shade, the metallic shadows are smooth and buttery and last all day, very impressed. One thing i will say about the palette is there is a variation in quality in the shadows as much as i was impressed with the metallic shades i have found some of the other shadows to be slightly powdery and not as strong in pigmentation which is a bit disappointing. I think there are so many possible looks with this palette, there are some quite bright daunting shades Dragon for example a bold green but i think combined with the mixture of more neutral shades there a lot more wearable and there is a little something for everyone.
Overall i am really impressed with the Vice 3 palette, i think Urban Decay have done a great job and i wont be putting it down anytime soon, this will defiantly be my chosen palette for the party season!

What do you think of the Vice 3 palette?

OOTD, Every Week Is Fashion Week

20 November 2014

T-shirt- River Island
Cardigan- Primark
Bag- Primark
Choker- Topshop

I love my slogan tee's and this "Every Week Is Fashion Week" one is my favourite! I love the casual style, just the slogan and the rose gold metallic strip that just makes it a bit more interesting, and you cant see as its tucked into the skirt but its quite long so great for throwing on over leggings or jeans. Its got a slight dropped armhole so i think it looks good to wear a pretty lace bralet underneath. 
A pleather skirt is an A/W must have and i fell in love with the colour of this Dorothy Perkins one, its pretty versatile for day or night. The boots are my favoutite winter shoe purchase there from Public Desire and they just go with everything and are also super comfy! I am loving the 90's trends at the moment and picked up a couple of chokers from Topshop, I'm not sure entirely how i feel about them, i half love it and half feel like I'm wearing a cat collar....

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade In Blonde

18 November 2014

I recently treated myself to something that had been top of my beauty wish list for a while, the Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade. Since getting more into my beauty and makeup my brows have gone through a slow transformation, i used to be someone who paid barely any attention to their brows and now i feel pretty much naked if i don't put anything on them. My brow transformation has seen me test out a variety of product to find my perfect one, i had been using a combination of a brow pencil and Benefits Gimmie Brow to set but having heard so many people rave about DipBrow i knew i had to try it for myself. 
The DipBrow Pomade is a cream formula that is an all on one product to prime, fill and shape the brows, its smudge and waterproof so is idea for oily skinned gals and for keeping the brows in place in humid climates. 
I ordered the DipBrow in the shade Blonde and whilst at it i also ordered the brush recommended for application, the Anastasia Beverly Hills flat angled brush number 12 as i didn't have a brush i thought would be suitable. I was so excited to finally test it out for the first time to to be honest my first attempt didn't go all that well, i am the first to admit my brow skills are not my strongest point makeup wise and  having never used a product of its sort before on my brows i found it a bit difficult to begin with, i didn't really no how to apply it and was left with two very different looking brows. Inspite of this i was however instantly impressed with the formula and the colour. Since that first tragic attempt i have persevered and luckily improved massively with the application. The DipBrow has a soft creamy texture that applies smoothly to the brows, it fills, adds colour and defines to give a shape shape whilst still making the brows look very natural. For such a hardwearing waterproof product i am also happy to report that it doesn't go dry or crispy like other brow products i have tried i the past, and boy does it last well believe me your brows wont be going anywhere until you remove your makeup at the end of the day. 
Colour wise Blonde was the perfect choice for me, however i do like my brows to be darker than my hair and i think some may find this slightly too dark if they prefer a lighter more natural look. Its is quite a neutral blonde so i think it would work with both warm and cool blondes, however their is a Taupe shade available for anyone wanting a more cool toned option. 
Im also happy i did buy the brush as its the perfect accompaniment to the product, its small, firm and great for precise application it also has a brow brush at the other end to tidy and work the product through the brows. 
I couldn't be more impressed with the DipBrow Pomade, it has completely changed the way i do my brows for the better it fills shapes and defines my brows and i feel they finally frame my face like they should and i don't see my self going back to a pencil now! 

Have you tried the DipBrow Pomade? What did you think?

Triumph Magic Wire Bra Review & Nigglefix Campaign

14 November 2014

Last month i was invited to a press event at the Triumph store in Exeter for the showcase of the latest Innovation the Magic Wire bra, and niggle fix campaign. 
The niggle fix campaign is to help women combat some of life's daily niggles they may face in addition to wearing an uncomfortable wire bra. There was a lady doing personal illustrations of peoples niggles for example, snagging your tights or your heels giving you blisters, and there was also the niggle tree where you could write out your own personal life niggle and attach it to the tree. 
Guest speaker Pradnya Apte a local business women, gave a talk introducing the new bra and the campaign, after which we were all offered a personal fitting of the new Magic Wire bra itself for review. 

Triumph Magic Wire bra
Triumph Magic Wire bra
Triumph Magic Wire Contouring Sensation WP *
The innovation behind the Magic Wire bra is Triumph actually getting rid of the wire itself and cleverly replacing it with a strip of silicone where the wire used to be. Along with the silicone, they have added built in mesh stabilisers in the sides of the bra to still provide the same great support and lift as a wire bra whilst of course creating a much more comfortable experience.
The bra is available in various colour combinations, the one i have is from the Contouring Sensation series, and whilst being a very wearable and simple smooth T-shirt bra style it has pretty lace side sections and nude detailing to contrast with the black which i really like.
The instant i first tried the Magic Wire bra on in the initial fitting i was instantly struck by just how comfortable the bra is to wear, its so soft and just doesn't dig in at all like i expect were all used to with most bras. The silicone is completely bendable, you can bend the bra in half both ways its so flexible, compared to the stiff shape of a regular wire bra.
Something that concerned me before trying the bra was the thought of how well it would actually support and give shape without the wire, as being a DD cup i need a bra that going to make my chest feel properly supported. I needn't have worried as the bra does the job perfectly it gives just as much uplift and support as a wire bra but with that amazing added comfort of none.
I really cannot rave about the Magic Wire bra enough, no longer does the discomfort of a wire bra have to be one of your niggles or taking your bra off at the end of the day be the first thing on your mind.

The Magic Wire bra is available on sizes A-F and is priced from £34, 

BarryM The Glitterati Collection

11 November 2014

Each year in the run up to the party season i look forward to the new cosmetic releases for Christmas and New Year mainly because they are are usually filled with beautiful new collections full of glitter, sparkle and gorgeous glamourous shades, and I'm happy to report Barry M's new party range had not let me down! 
The Gliteratti collection comprises of six new jewel toned glitter shades with equally glamourous names, Catwalk Queen, Fashion Icon, Rockstar, Socialite, VIP and Starlet. When i spotted them in my local Superdrug i couldn't resist picking up three of my favourites as they just jumped out at me. I chose Fashion Icon which has a purple base colour with very fine purple and blue glitter and holographic shimmer, Socialite which has a barbie pink base colour with pink and purple glitter and holographic shimmer and last but not least Catwalk Queen which has a pale aqua base colour with a mixture of blue, green and gold glitter also with a holographic shimmer. 
I have seen people say they wear them over over polish as a topcoat but i don't think thats really necessary, yes they are a glitter polish but they have a base colour too them as well and although quite sheer with one coat after two or three they provide completely coverage and strong opaque colour and will look exactly as they do in the bottle. 
I've tested all three of them out and have had varying results, i first tested Fashion Icon (Purple) and i used two coats, and although this was enough to give me a perfect full coverage i found it started to chip really quickly and i had to do quite a bit of touch up. Catwalk Queen was the next one i tried, i found it required three coats to get the same sort of coverage as Fashion Icon but three coats seemed to massively help with the problem of it chipping and i found it lasted much better. Socialite comes out a lot lighter than it looks so you will definitely need a fair few coats for the full effect i found three was enough. 
I am very much in love with The Glitterati collection the colours are all gorgeous, i doubt i could even pick a favourite of the three, they look amazing and for glitter polishes feel incredibly smooth on the nails, and i also didn't find them too bad to remove another god send, thats my party nails sorted! 

Have you tried the Barry M Glitterati Collection? What did you think?

OOTD Checked Trousers

06 November 2014

OOTD Missguided checked trousers
OOTD Missguided checked trousers

Jumper- Missguided
Trousers- Missguided
Shoes- River Island

I had a naughty payday Missguided haul, like us shopaholics do and picked myself up a few new treats. The trousers and the jumper are a couple of the new bits i bought, i have been loving printed trousers lately i think their a great alternative to jeans in the winter and are a simple and stylish way to update your look. I loved these checked ones so simple but quite striking, this is how i wear them for daytime, just with a plain jumper or t-shirt and for the evening i would stick on a pair of heels and swap the jumper for a nice bralet or something.

What do you think of printed trousers? How would you style them

Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet

04 November 2014

Being a massive fan of Rimmel's original Apocalips collection i was super excited to see them bring out a new matte range. When the original Apocalips came out they were a fairly new formula to the market, a sort of combination between a lipstick and gloss, i fell in love with their strong pigmentation, moisturising feel and gorgeous finish, so i was happy to see with all the matte lip products on the market at the moment Rimmel decided to bring out their own version. With five fabulous new shades to choose from includeing a great mixture of Autumn shades and pretty nudes, i chose to pick up the dark purple Meteoric Matte and the bold orange Orange-Olog both shades just jumped out at me and are exactly the sort of colours i have been loving wearing lately.
The Apocalips Matte Lip Velvets claim to provide "weightless liquid colour with a velvety smooth finish, that stays true for up to 8 hours" so how well do they live up to it? As with the original Apocalips i was instantly impressed with the quality of their pigmentation both shades are exactly as they look in the tubes, with very bold opaque colour, the actual colours themselves are just perfect Orange-Olog is what i would describe as being a proper orange lip colour not an orange toned red an actual bold orange shade and i love it, its vibrant and really brightens up the face, however Meteoric Matte is my favourite of the two, as you may be able to tell of late I'm very into my purple and plum lips and this is the most gorgeous deep flattering plum I'm obsessed with it.
They are also really lovely to wear, super light and soft with a velvety feel, and even for a matte product they don't dry my lips out at all. I find they don't dry completely on the lips like some similar products on the market so it can rub off slightly, maybe they fact they aren't 100% matte is why they are slightly more moisterising. As for how long they last, i don't agree they can last 8 hours, they certainly don't for me, i have to reapply straight away after eating and perhaps every few hours without.
Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet, are a great version addition to the Apocalips range and i think they are a lovely product, for me they don't top Bourjois version but i am impressed and might pick up a couple more shades.

Have you tried the Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Velvets?
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