Outfit, Pandora's Box...

27 January 2015

Pandora top Poppy Lux
Pandora top Poppy Lux

Top- Poppy Lux*
Skirt- New Look (similar)

Tell you what i love, when your all ready to go out an take a few pictures of your outfit and mother nature gives you the middle finger and says i don't think so! Sorry i needed a little rant there i've been finding it pretty difficult to get any outdoor pictures at the moment with the great British weather, it may not look like it but it was actually raining when these pictures were taken, which of course did wonders for my hair and meant taking them undercover resulting in some very dark pictures which i have tried to alter and are now grainy and not how i want, boo! Anyway on to the outfit, the top is from Poppy Lux a british brand available at Sugarhill Boutique it's called the Pandora top and is just my style with it bold floral print in some gorgeous lilac and teal shades, it really is stunning. I've chosen to style it with a plain black plether skater skirt and a pair of suede platform ankle boots which i think makes a nice combo. Although i've tucked it in here its a nice boxy tee shape and also looks great paired with a pair of black skinnies for a slightly more dressed down vibe. 

Macadamia Natural Oil Luxe Repair Set/ Hairtrade

25 January 2015

Macadamia Natural Oil Luxe repair set

I love hair oils, they really work wonders and make such a difference to the condition of your hair, and it's to them i credit my hair to getting to the length it is. Although i have tried my fair share of different oils one that had been on my wishlist for a while was the Macadamia Heeling Oil Treatment, so i was very happy to get to test out no only the Macadamia Oil but the Rejuvenating Shampoo,  Deep Repair Mask and No Tangle spray as well, all packaged together in a set with a Macadamia Oil infused comb. 
The Macadamia natural oil products are a combination of Macadamia nut and Argan seed oils to nourish and repair the hair whilst also banishing frizz and restoring the hairs elasticity and shine. 
The first thing i noticed about the Macadamia products is their amazing smell, it surprised me a bit actually as it wasn't what i was expecting but its warm, sweet, fruity and incredibly addictive. I like that all the products have the same scent as the smell it's quite powerful and it really lingers in the hair. 
The Rejuvenating Shampoo is probably the most nourishing shampoo i have ever used! It literally makes my hair feel amazingly soft, and feels like it would be conditioning enough on its own without even using a conditioner afterwards. It is also really good for your hair not containing any nastiness its sulfate and Paraben free doing only good to your hair, i really been enjoying using it. 
The Deep Repair Mask is an intense treatment to really nourish and rejuvenate dried out hair. The mask is for use on clean wet hair so i use it after the Rejuvenating Shampoo and then leave it to soak in for about five minute, it is recommended for seven but it depends how much time i have. I do have very fine hair that does get greasy easily so i don't apply it to the roots just the mid-end sections and it really does a great job of conditioning it making it so smooth and soft. The only problem i've found is its slightly too heavy for my fine hair and was making my hair look greasy pretty quickly. Perhaps as the shampoo is so nourishing i cant use the two together. 
The No Tangle Spray is a pre-styling de-tangling spray, that also helps prevent breakage. Having such fine hair i don't really have a problem with my hair tangling or matting, apart from when i've backcombed and curled my hair for a night on the tiles, the aftermath can be some serious bedhead in the morning. However i wanted to test it out so i have started spaying some in my hair before drying it and the first time i did i got a compliment on my hair, I'm not really sure why i think it might have just added a bit of healthy shine but i have most definitely continued to do so since. 
The Macadamia Natural Oil Treatment is targeted for dry, damaged and colour treated hair aimed to help nourish, rejuvenate and restore your hair to a healthy condition. The oil can be used on damp or dry hair to style and finish the hair. With most oils as i like to apply a fair amount before bed i find they make my hair greasy so i cant use them every night, however with the Macadamia oil i was surprised how incredibly light it is even when just applied the hair doesn't look greasy and by the morning it all seems to have been absorbed, which is great as i can use it every night if i want to. I also like to apply it just too the ends of my hair if their looking bit dry after styling and it does a great job at smoothing down the ends and adding a healthy shine. 

I have been really impressed with the Macadamia products, the oil in particular i love how light it is and i would recommend it to anyone with fine hair that can get greasy easily. Im also a big fan of the shampoo and i think having all the products in a set is a great way to try them all for a much cheaper price.
The Macadamia products are all available at Hairtrade

Have you tried the Macadamia products? What did you think?

Charlotte Tilbury Giveaway

22 January 2015

So it may have felt like it was a long time coming, but I'm so happy to be able to say i've reached 600 followers on Bloglovin! I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that reads Zoe Georgina i really do appreciate every single one of you and as a thank you back to you guys i have decided to do a giveaway. I had a little think about what the prize should be but one brand i particular has stood out to me lately and thats Charlotte Tilbury you may have seen i got a couple of bits for Christmas (which i will be reviewing next week)  and i am hooked already and want absolutely everything they make, so i thought you might enjoy a bit of Charlotte Tilbury in your life too. 

So here are the details and the rules- 
The giveaway will be run through Rafflecopter.
The prize is for a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick of your choice this could be one of the Matte Revolution OR K.I.S.S.I.N.G Confession lipsticks. 
As so many of you lovelies are international readers, the giveaway is open worldwide.
Of course as this is a giveaway to say thank you to readers, you must be following Zoe Georgina, all fake or spam giveaway entries will be removed.
The giveaway will run from 21/2/15 until 12/2/15 that gives you a few weeks to get your entries in. 
I will announce the winner on my twitter account and by email, the winner will have 24 hours to reply and i will get it sent out right away, just in time  for one of you beauties to rock your new lippie for Valentines! 

All thats left to say is thank you and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Outfit, Another Shirt Dress

20 January 2015

Missguided shirt dress
Missguided shirt dress
Missguided shirt dress
Missguided shirt dress

Dress- Missguided
Jacket- Missguided

Yes i bought another shirt dress, and I'm pretty sure it wont be the last i buy either. I am loving shirt dresses they are just so easy to wear their loose, comfortable, stylish and a complete outfit in one no need to fuss and find something to go with it. There are some great ones around at the moment, River Island and Missguided are my top picks right now Missguided in particular because there literally half the price of the River Island ones, i mean £45 is a bit expensive for a shirt isn't it? River Island sort it out! This pastel beauty is from Missguided and loving a bit of colour and a bold print like i do i am in love with it, the only problem i find is the Missguided ones are quite short i think with a pair of over the knee boots like I'm wearing I'm not showing too much skin but i think if you were too worried it could also look great with some leather leggings or something. I personally think high boots go really well, and for another splash of colour because there is clearly not enough in the dress i wore my favorite pink biker jacket. 

What do you think of my outfit, how would you wear it?

The 90's Lip With Maybelline color Drama Lip Pencils

16 January 2015

90's lip, maybelline color drama lip pencils

With the 90's era being a major trend on both the fashion and beauty scene right now, helped of course by Kylie Jenner rocking those now infamous Mac nude lip colours, not only making them a repeated sell out but keeping nude lips still very much the colour to be seen in. If like myself you have yet to get your hands on the Mac versions you may have been looking for a drugstore alternative, and don't worry girls i've got you covered. 
I had heard a few good reviews on the Maybelline Color Drama lip pencils, with people comparing them to the Nars Velvet Lip pencils, and when i spotted these gorgeous nude shades i just had to try them. I picked up 140 Minimalist a dusky pink shade with a very fine gold shimmer, and 630 Nude Perfection a medium brown nude shade which is completely matte. 
I like the chunky crayon design it makes them a lot more precise to apply and they can be used to line or slightly overdraw the lips and also as an all over lip colour, that is of course if you keep them sharpened. Formulation wise i find the two vary slightly, i do have to work a bit harder to apply Minimalist as it is slightly dryer for some reason, Nude Perfection seems to just be a bit softer and easier to apply. Once on the lips again Minimalist is slightly drying but i don't find Nude Perfection drying at all if anything quite moisturizing, I'm not quite sure why they are different in this way. I was really impressed with how well these last, even with hours of wear eating, drinking etc although the top layer might rub off the colour still seems to stay on the lips. 
I love the colour of these pencils Minimalist is a really pretty pink shade thats super flattering and really brightens up the face, like i said previously it does have a slight shimmer to it but its undetectable once on the lips. Nude perfection is a great dupe for Velvet Teddy and is exactly the sort of nude brown shade i was looking for, its not too dark or too light  brown just perfectly in between, its not really a colour i would have seen myself wearing a while back but i love it and i've had a few compliments whilst wearing it. 
I really like the Maybelline Color Drama lip pencils and i recommend them to anyone after a great drugstore nude, they also do some great darker shades i've got my eyes on the purple one. 

Have you tried the Maybelline Colour Drama lip pencils? What did you think? 

My Top 14 Outfits of 2014

13 January 2015

As ZoeGeorgina is a beauty and personal style blog this year as well as doing my usual beauty favorites i thought i would do an outfit favorites post too. Since starting my blog i have always done a mixture of both but it was mainly beauty, however throughout 2014 i started to really enjoy doing outfit posts and so i started to do them a lot more. I am massively into fashion and i love buying clothes and planning how to wear them and i think outfit posts are a great way to share them and hopefully give others styling tips and inspiration. So through 2015 i hope to try and at least do one a week along side my beauty content, that is as-long as i can get a friend/family member willing to take the pictures and our great British weather decides to behave on said day... fingers crossed.
These are my top 14 outfits from 2014, i've put them in the order they were posted in from January right thought to December. Doing this post has been really interesting for me, just to see how my style has changed and developed in that time i feel like my confidence has grown in myself and thats translated into being braver with what i wear and I feel comfortable dressing exactly how i want now.

Which was your favorite outfit?

2015 New Year, New You

09 January 2015

The new year is for fresh starts and new beginnings, the time we make our new years resolutions and set ourselves goal we want to achieve that year. What better way to start the new year than by making a few changes to yourself, sometimes just the smallest change can have a massive effect on your confidence and give you that fresh positive outlook get the ball rolling in other areas in your life, so i've got a few tips and ideas that can hopefully inspire you.

Change your hair, its the easiest way to freshen up your look and make a statement. Changing your hair doesn't have to be saved for after breakups, why not start the new year saying goodbye to your old hair maybe like me you've had your hair long for such a long time and cant imagine getting it cut, sometimes you have to just brave the chop after all its only hair it will grow back, you don't even even have to go that drastic, get a fringe, layers change the colour so many simple ways to make a change.

Go Shopping, with the January sales on you have the perfect excuse to shop, the clothes we wear say a lot about us its how we express ourselves and who we are. If your feeling a bit blah about your wardrobe pick up a few new pieces, go bold i no for me a bit of colour can really brighten up my mood the same with prints, if thats a bit out there for you try and bring a bit of colour into your accessories instead.

Have a pamper, giving yourself a little TLC an do wonders with how it makes you feel, i know that i feel at my best when i feel polished and preened and in turn it makes me feel happier and more confident, spend a little time doing those things that were all guilty of neglecting. Put on a face mask, do your nails, pluck those brows, run yourself a hot bath filled with some of your favorite luxury bath products and just chill.

Change up your makeup, its so easy to find a makeup look you like and stick to it, i mean who has time to create a dramatic new look each day i know i haven't got time to get the perfect cat winged liner and get to work on time i struggle enough with that as it is. However if your someone who keeps it pretty neutral try putting on a bright pink or a bold red lipstick for a change and work it, little changes do get noticed.

New you, perhaps for you a new you could be doing something or getting something done you've always wanted too, something you think will help make you feel better in yourself.
I know for me having struggles through my teenage years with bad skin its always been somewhat of a burden something i've struggled with for years, it was fairly bad in my teens calming down luckily in my twenties. It calmed down now and apart from the usual breakouts around that time of the month its much better, however due to all this i do have slight acne scaring and unevenness and it still gets a bit congested. Something i would love to have done would be Microdermabrasion, its a facial treatment that targets some of the skin complaints i suffer amongst others and really just helps to freshen your skin up. For me when i feel happier in my skin i feel happier in myself and i know it would do wonders for my confidence, Microdermabrasion and similar skin treatments are available at Skin Clinics who have clinics across the Uk and are a great way to get started on a new you.

*Sponsored post

2014 Makeup Favourites

07 January 2015

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette-
I may not of had the Vice 3 palette long but it is without a doubt my absolute favourite palette of the year. I love everything from the packaging to the amazing range of twenty brand new shades, i use the matte neautrals on a pretty much daily basis and the gorgeous metallic's if i want to amp up my eye look, just amazing. 

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle-
I actually got this Mac highlighter for Christmas last year, and it quickly became my favourite highlighter of choice. Its adds an incredibly soft and subtle highlight to the skin and the prettiest glow, its a champagne colour that would suit any skintone. I've bought and tried a few other highlighters throughout the course of the year but always come back to this one, to me nothing else compares. 

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation-
Of course like most i switch up my foundation pretty regularly, my base is something i do like to mix up a bit and use lighter or heavier finishes depending on my requirement at the time, however if i had to choose an ultimate favourtite one that i wear the most and would choose over the others it would be sheer glow. For me nothing else compares in how it gives such great coverage yet still allows your skin to shine through making it look so much more natural and not cakey, love it! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade-
Can we all just take a minute to raise our hands and praise the saviour of my brows? I mean this stuff is just amazing, its completely transformed my brows which in turn has improved the overall look of my makeup and brought it all together. Its the perfect colour match for me, and it sets and makes your brows last all day, the god of brows!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush-
In the last year i seem to have acquired a massive amount of blushers, cream, mouse, powder the lot, and for someone who never used to wear the stuff its become something i cant live without. However when it comes to choosing a favourite the answer is incredible simple, the Hourglass Luminous Flush blush is my absolute must have blusher, i've never tried another blush quite like it. The colour is just gorgeous and the blurred sheen it gives the skin is just so pretty, really just try it. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet-
I have a few of these lip velvets and i love them all, i think if i had to pick a favourite colour it would be Pink Pong a bold barbie pink but its really the formulation that I'm obsessed with. They feel so nice on the lips super light like there's nothing even there, they also last really well much better than other similar products i've tried, very impressed i hope they bring out some more shades this year. 

Nars Laguna Bronzer-
I've used this bronzer everyday since i bought it thats how much i love it, the very first time i used it i was a tad underwhelmed but that quickly changed when i noticed just how natural the colour way and what a healthy colour it gives the skin, i also use this for contouring, its not dramatic but the matte finish makes it look really natural. 

L'oreal L'Extraodinaire Liquid Lipstick-
Last year was big for the release of new breeds of lip products on the highstreet and the liquid lipstick was one of them, I'm a big fan of this L'oreal one i have three of the colours and i couldn't pick a favourite i love them all. The formulation is brilliant soft moisturising and non sticky, they just give such bold colour and a gorgeous high shine, i think i will be picking up some new shades this year. 

Bourjois CC Cream-
Since the beginning of the BB/CC hype i had failed to catch onto the trend finding them pretty pointless, rubbish for coverage and with completely unnatural quite limited shades. That was until i discovered Bourjois's offering and fell in love. This is what i wear on days when I'm working and don't want a full on face of foundation, with better coverage than some light foundations and a great range of shades it just works brilliantly. 

Revlon Colourstay Moisture Lip Stain-
I've had mixed feelings about these lip stains so i was unsure about weather to include them in my favourites, you see i find that they vary in quality depending on the shade i had been disappointed with some of the lighter shades. However due to the fact that i really do love a couple of the darker shades in the range Parisian Passion being my main favourite that i have worn so much i wanted to include them. They look amazing on the lips, the colours and identical to the tube incredibly strong vibrant colours with such a glassy finish. 

Bourjois Volume 1 Second Mascara-
I've never been the biggest mascara fan, thats not to say i don't like it i do and of course i wear it daily i just think we all have our areas of makeup we are more into and for this year its definitely been lip products. Because of this i would tend to go for cheaper highstreet mascara's and after hearing people rave about this one i was s happy i decided to give it a shot. I haven't worn another mascara since it just everything i want a mascara to do lengthens, volumises and has a jet black colour it really is a must try. 

So there you have it the makeup i have been loving using the most through 2014, I'm looking forward to all the new products I'm going to discover this year! What was your favourite makeup product of 2014?

New Years Goal And Resolutions 2015

05 January 2015

First of all i want to wish you all a massive happy new year i hope wether you chose to spend it out with friends or family or just chilling at home that you had a great time. I also would like to just say a massive thank you to everyone who follows my blog wether you've been with me for a while or you've just found it i appreciate every single person who reads it and who takes the time to write comments and tweets. Like last year i thought i would do a resolutions post, i think its a great way to set some goals for the years and things to aim for and achieve. 

Enjoy Blogging-
I have found the past year i have not been as engaged as in the previous year, i've found it to be more of a struggle to fit blogging in with everyday life, i think anyone who has their own blog will understand what i mean by this and how the amount of work you have to put in combined with work/school and also trying to have a social like can become very difficult, due to this my schedule has been a bit up the wall this year and i've struggled to keep up with posts and replying to comments. My blog is incredibly important to me and I'm not going to give up on it any time soon but i feel what i've realised is that if I'm finding it hard to keep up and can only fit in one or two posts a week thats ok, and if i want a little break like i did over Christmas, well thats ok too. The thing is this is my hobby and although it means a lot too me sometimes other things have to come first. I want to enjoy blogging and not feel like its a chore, of course i have goals and targets i want to reach, but i guess i need to remember that its not everything and that if you enjoy what your doing and writing about, your readers will will enjoy it too. Its not all about how many followers you have, you need to remember why you started in the first place because of that passion of writing about the things you love. 

Learn to drive...(again)-
I say driving again because about five years ago i was doing my driving, in fact i passed my theory, had my test booked and even bought a car, however i ended up writing-off said car in less than a month, quite good going wouldn't you say? But anyway less about that, i have decided after years of my nearest and dearest nagging me its time to get back in the saddle.. per say, and actualy pass this time, no driving off cliffs....

Saving money-
It only takes one look at my overflowing wardrobe to see that i like to shop, and well i really really do, it makes me happy and gives me a buzz that unfortunately dies soon after i see that state of my sad looking bank balance. So i have decided its about time i tried to take things in hand, after all i am a respectable adult of 25... i should be saving for pensions and mortgages and other boring as hell things, so i vow to attempt to spend less on shopping and nights out and save some pennies, wish me luck on this one....

Exercise/Healthy Eating-
I am well aware that every year this is one of my new years resolutions and i have never once managed to stick to it for more than two weeks, that fact is i just love all the bad things for you so much, like cheese, cake and vodka not together of course... or maybe but anyway this year i am really going to try and eat more healthily, I'm not going to cut anything out and ban myself from eating things because i think thats were i fail i just want to make slightly healthier choices. Also i really need to find some form of exercise i enjoy and can stick to, i am an unashamedly lazy human i love my bed and chilling and quite frankly gyms fill me with fear and the last time i attempted running my grandma knees decided to pack up so any suggestions for any exercise for lazy people with dodgy knees would be greatly received.

Quality Time With Friends and Family-
This was also a resolution from last year but one that i managed to stick too, my friends and family are the most important thing to me and fitting in the time to see them is something thats not always easy. I said i wanted to more of that last year and i did, i saw a lot more of my family and its been great, and i've also made the time to visit family that don't live so close. Friends wise it does get harder as you get older to stay close to people when everyone has their own lives and things going on but its important to me that i make that time, i went on another girls holiday last year had an amazing time and definitely will be doing the same his year.

What's your New Years resolutions?

What I Got For Christmas 2014

02 January 2015

So here were are in January, Christmas is well and truly over now although i am still struggling to work out what day it is but everything will be starting to get back to normal soon. I hope you all had a great new years i will be bringing you some new years resolutions and favorites posts soon but in typical Zoe style they will be slightly later than most, like todays post for instance. 
I thought i would do a what i got for Christmas post as although they seem to cause a bit of controversy i personally love to read them myself as i think its great to be nosey and see what everyone else has got, and if you are one of the people that think its bragging and don't like them please don't feel you have to read it. 

Being a little bit of a shoeaholic i was really happy with my new shoes, the boots i love and actually featured in my Winter Warmers post, the gorgeous Valentina heels i ordered myself with Christmas money, I'm also  really happy to have some Gift cards for a bit of January shopping. I usually get a few box sets, which i love as its something to keep me occupied through the cold and boring month of January and a few girlie bits perfume, candles etc this Ghost one smells amazing, and of course a few sweet treats. I was really grateful to receive all the makeup and hair bits i had asked for and am so happy to finally have my first pieces of Charlotte Tilbury makeup and to at last have my hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette. 
I got the cutest present from my baby sister (my step mum may have helped) a little necklace saying big sis and one for her saying lil sis, as she's three months old so it will be a fair while before she can wear hers but i think it was the sweetest idea and i cant wait till she can wear hers too, i love it when you get a gift with meaning it just makes it so special. 

I think its safe to say i have been well and truly spoilt by my wonderful family and i am very grateful for everything i received. What was your favorite present this Christmas?
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